Electric Vehicle Chargers

A glimpse of the future of Electric Vehicles? – Plugless Electrical Vehicle charging


Most tradeshows contain similar booths

I was walking the floor at the Central California Business Expo last month in Modesto, California and I came across booth which featured an electric vehicle (EV) manufactured by Tesla Motors. Typically, most trade shows have the same kind of “feel” to them.  The end result is one booth winds up being no different from any other, especially if you are attending a large tradeshow with hundreds of booths. In this case, if you are attending a trade show even though you did not come specifically to shop for a new Electric Vehicle you might be compelled to take a closer examination.

Plugless Electrical vehicle charging without the plug

I own a hybrid vehicle and am considering purchasing an electric vehicle (what else should speaker on alternative energy be driving?) when the time comes to purchase my next vehicle. One of the things I wondering was how I was going to be able to plug in the car since my carpool is some distance from the back of my house.

After digging deeper, PlugLess, whose booth I happened to be standing in, had come up with the idea of Plugless Electrical Vehicle charging or  in other words,  recharging EV’s wirelessly without using a plug.

The device uses magnetic fields to inductively transfer energy from transformer coils which is placed under the vehicle when parked to the receiving coil in the vehicle adapter which converts the current to energy to recharge the vehicle’s batteries.

The Key to Adoption – Make things easy

One of the characteristics for alternative energy products which have been adopted in large numbers are their technology is easy to implement.  Everyone wants to “green” but many will not alter their daily habit to do so if there is a major inconvenience or learning curves to implementation.  After installation of the charger in your home charging your EV should only be a matter of parking on the pad and letting the electronics do their magic while you do something else. Easy. Think about this way, to recharge an IPad or IPhone the action of plugging your cord into an outlet is required to recharge the device. Charging your EV with PlugLess (assuming the availability of a 240 V power source) does not depend on if the power supply is in immediate proximity to where you decide to park.

The ease of using PlugLess’s charger to power EV’s will assist with the long-term adoption of EV’s in the marketplace. Thomas Edison was a strong proponent of using electricity to power automobiles before gasoline powered cars became commonplace.   Make things easier will go a long way to making Edison’s vision becomes a reality.