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Tony Green

Tony Green – Clean Technology Professional

My time as a clean technology professional has given me the privilege of working with various technologies, permitting me to witness the possibilities to affect the way we live first-hand. The underlying theme is that these innovations can change our world and our lives for the better. While progress has been made, opportunities exist to transform the earth by becoming more sustainable and improve the quality of life for its inhabitants. I believe the dreams of a “sustainable nation” can become reality.


One of the issues I perceive is even though most people think adopting these technologies is a worthwhile idea there is not enough motivation to overcome the opposition, which in many cases is maintaining the status quo.

Another concern is the lack of understanding of how these technologies work, which results in apprehension or even fear, in some cases. Once people are comfortable on a basic level with how the technologies work the fear factor is reduced, which in turn lowers resistance to adopting these technologies.

The Goal

The goal of becoming a sustainable nation will require that the information to make decisions be available in an understandable format. This will eliminate the fear that is created from being misinformed. With knowledge, motivation and belief, like-minded people who want to protect our environment, adopt alternative energy technology, and be more sustainable can begin the journey of taking care of the planet that supports a multitude of life forms. We can do this!

Speaking Green Communications, environment, alaska shoreline from dreamstime, sustainable technologies

Environment Alaska shoreline from Dreamstime

Let’s Do This Together

If you are interested in reaching out to a speaker who is as passionate about alternative energy and sustainable technologies as you are, I would like to hear from you. Only together can we make the world a better place.