drinking water

Do your elected officials know how you feel about what companies are putting our water?


Proximity of threats to my drinking water

I gave a presentation to the Eco Green Group on why the fracking Industry received an exemption to the Clean Drinking Water Act.  Oil and gas operations are exempt from important permitting and pollution control requirements of the Clean Water Act, including the storm water runoff permit requirement. This is commonly referred to as the Halliburton exemption. The oil and gas industry is allowed by EPA to inject known hazardous materials — unchecked — directly into or adjacent to underground drinking water supplies. Later I learned the threat to drinking water from fracking was closer to my doorstep than I ever imagined.

The need for an exemption

The E&B Natural Resources operates a fracking facility in my home town of Livermore, California. The company uses underground aquafers for stored water from fracking operations.  The State Safe Drinking Water is designed to protect aquafers which might be sources of drinking water in the future. Companies need to apply for exemption or their wells will be shutdown. The exemption can apply if aquifer will never be used for drinking. In a state with a history of drought and will have its population grow by 30% on the next thirty years how can we guarantee these aquifers will not be needed to provide drinking water?

Time for action

The time had come to let my elected officials know what I thought. Participation is the only way of having any chance of influencing your elected officials. I sat down at in my favorite coffee shop and called my local elected officials who are Katherine Baker and Steve Glazer. I told them I was calling to express my opposition to the Livermore exemption.

As I wait for the decision if the exemption will be granted

I am sure if my call will sway the decision makers who will decide if the exemption is granted.  But what if hundreds of concerned citizens call their elected officials? The added call volume could have an impact but if no attempt is made….