Sustainability as a path to peace: How to prevent future wars over our water supply

Event Company Name:
Eco Green Group
Event Start Date:
June 23, 2016
Event End Date:
June 23, 2016
Event Time:
8:00-10:00 a.m.

Of all of the water in world only 3.5% is freshwater suitable for drinking and less than .001% is available throughout the planets’ rivers, lakes and streams.

As populations rise, and the effect of global climate are felt clear as surface temperatures rise water will become scarcer. The United Nation has stated conflicts between rival countries could arise over access to water supplies.   As water shortages become more increasingly urgent countries may resort to violence to quench their thirsts.

Here about how innovative water technologies are the key to ensuring the nations of the world will never come to a point will wars will be waged for the right to people to have drinking access to safe drinking water

I will cover questions such as:

  • Why water has been described as the next oil
  • The effects of climate change on our drinking water supply
  • What technologies are available to increase the availability of drinking water
  • Examples of where collaboration has prevent conflict over water
  • The key to preventing future wars over our drinking water supply
Event: Public Event