Opportunities for Sustainablity in Commercial Buildings

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Opportunities for Sustainablity in Commercial Buildings
Event Start Date:
October 15, 2015
Event End Date:
October 15, 2015
Event Time:
8.00-10.00 am

Commercial buildings include buildings greater than 1,000 square feet which devote more than half of their floor space to activities which are neither residential, manufacturing, industrial, nor agricultural.

This includes stores, office buildings, schools, churches, gymnasiums, libraries, museums, hospitals, clinics, warehouses, and malls. The design, construction, operation of commercial buildings impact natural resources, environmental quality, worker productivity, and community well-being.

Approximately 9 percent of the total water use is consumed by commercial and institutional facilities in the United States and up to 17% of publicly-supplied water use. Three applications: sanitary (e.g., toilets, sinks), landscaping, and heating/cooling account for 88% of commercial building water use.

Hear about the opportunities for commercial buildings to do their part in conserving our water in this time of unprecedented drought.

I will cover questions such as:

  • What are commercial buildings and does how water usage differ by type?
  • What are the typical water and energy usage in commercial buildings?
  • Where can water savings be obtained in commercial buildings?
  • Where is the nexus between water and energy in commercial buildings?
Event: Public Event
Location: Livemore, CA