Time to Get Over the Yuck Factor

Event Company Name:
Eco Green Group
Event Start Date:
January 26, 2017
Event End Date:
January 26, 2017
Event Time:
8.00 am - 10.00 am

Nature has recycled our water naturally since the time of the dinosaurs. Yet when people are presented with the idea of drinking water which has been recycled from non-potable applications, in what the industry refers as the “Yuck Factor” heavy resistance from the populace occurs, in many cases in dramatic fashion. Ensuring that drinking water is available despite changing weather patterns resulting from climate change will require a shift in mindset based on solutions not fear.

Learn about:

  1. Where people are drinking recycled water
  2. How nature has recycled our water for eons
  3. Why drinking recycled water why not be optional in the future
  4. Why people fear drinking recycled water
  5. The difference between recycled (purple pipe) water and potable water
Event: Public Event