“What does the passing of Rule 12-16 mean to you as Bay Area Resident? Stop…..and take a deep breath

Event Company Name:
Eco Green Group
Event Start Date:
July 20, 2017
Event End Date:
July 20, 2017
Event Time:
8.00-10.00 am

The Bay Area prides itself of being one of the most environmentally conscious places on Earth. Yet in some locations it’s pollution levels make its air hazardous to breathe for its inhabitants. Remarkably, there has been no emissions cap in place for the Bay Area oil refiners who are responsible for a good part of the Bay Area’s pollution and GHG emissions.

Hear how the passing Of Rule 12-16 can be a first step to protecting our air from fossil fuel production until renewable energy is adopted in large scale.

Learn about:

  • Why Rule 12-16 was proposed
  • Why Oil produced from Tar Sands is hazardous to the environment
  • How Oil Refineries contribute the Bay Area Air Pollution
Event: Public Event