Climate Change

Getting involved in the political process, now that’s what I am talking about


Sustainability: Involvement in the political process

A few weeks ago I mentioned during my talk at the International Conference of Chemical Engineers that engineers/scientists need to be involved in the political process. Their participation maximizes the chances the sustainability-related technologies will have a chance to have an impact on society.

The scientists speak

The weekend after I returned home I read the newspaper where an article was written about the 375 members of the National Academy of Sciences who signed an open letter written by a researcher warning of the dangers of climate change for future generations.

The motivation for the letter were statements from presidential candidate Donald Trump which they found to be inaccurate and alarming.  Among these statements included the world is not warming and if it the planet happened to be warming the reason was only because of natural influences. He added climate change was a hoax and the United States should withdraw from the Paris agreement.

The scientists felt responsible for speaking for our futures and the future of millions of others. In their view, lack of knowledge should not form a public policy. This is the reason why those who are knowledgeable should take a part in public policy to ensure the decisions politicians make reading our futures are based on facts not hear say.

The letter mentioned a “tipping point” where the effects of climate change may cause catastrophic effects even though the letter did not mention when that point would be. The letter implied the earth is moving towards a “tipping point”.

The letter

Everyone is responsible for reaching out to their politicians on matters of concern. We all dependent upon our planet for our survival. How can you show our politicians the concerns of their constituent’s matter? Write them a letter. Make your voice heard at the ballot box.

For those who would like to read the letter themselves the letter can be read at