Greening my networking to Spare the Air


Always be Networking

I have been taught one should always be actively networking. The networking meeting planned for today happened to be with another green building enthusiast. We were both studying for our LEED Green Associate certification exam. The weather forecast predicted a warm day in Northern California and the lack of air caused the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to declare a “spare the air day”. This occurs when ozone pollution is expected to reach unhealthy levels.  The alert recommends prohibiting the use of wood-burning indoors and outdoors between November and February and advises people who are sensitive to unhealthy air to limit their time outdoors.

Getting from here to there

I agreed to meet at a Peet’s in Oakland. I did not know the exact location I went to and realized my location should be close to a BART station. After confirming a BART was close enough to walk to the meeting place I gathered some cash and headed to the BART station. Why shouldn’t I take the opportunity  to green my networking activities at least for  one day?

The impact of my decision 

The benefits of my decision included reduced gas consumption since I would be driving to the BART station located 10 miles from my house instead of the 30 plus miles required to commute to Oakland.

Therefore, I would not be participating in the rush hour congestion with the other folks driving on their way home from work. I do not think I’ll be missed. Plus, the coffee shop was within walking distance from the BART station so I would get the chance to stretch my legs.

The one negative was the commute took longer than driving the same distance. Becoming being more green will require making choices. There will be trade-offs.

The accomplishment of greening my networking

Will the carbon emissions I prevented from entering the air using public transportation reverse the effects of climate change by Itself? Probably not, but what might be achieved if 10 or 20 other people start the practice on a regular basis. Or 200 or 500.

Are you ready to step up?

Many people claim to be green but who actually takes the opportunity to prove it when presented? So if you would like get together and chat about all things green reach out to me. Just make sure to plan to meet at someplace close to public transportation.