carbon pricing

Has the time for Carbon Fee and Dividend arrived?


Americans support acting to address the threat of climate change

Although most Americans support acting to address the threat of climate change, Congress has failed to implement appropriate legislation in response to the potential impacts. Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is one group looking to change this. The group was formed with a very specific goal in mind: to organize and empower citizens to advocate for a carbon fee and dividend system.

Carbon Fee and Dividend

CCL pushes specifically for a carbon fee and dividend, which taxes emissions, collects and divides up that revenue, and gives 100% of the revenue back to citizens.  Presently, no legislation has been introduced by Congress to mitigate the impact of climate change until now. Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Brian Schatz introduced a law to help curb the fossil fuel-based pollution that drives environmental disruption. The new regulation puts a price on emissions of CO2 from fossil fuel combustion, to be paid by fossil fuel producers and importers based on the content of the fuels they mine, pump, refine or bring into the country.

The will of the constituents

There will clearly be major obstacles to passing a bill placing a price on carbon, regardless of if it is referred to as a tax, cap and trade, or fee and dividend. However, the introduction of this bill can be viewed as a start to adopting the policies to counter what may be the biggest threat to the future of our children. Our elected officials should be taking the lead to protect our planet, especially since it is the will and desire of their constituents.