I am now A Livermore Recycling Champion


My Decision

I recently made the decision to become a Livermore Recycling Champion.  A champion reaches out to the fellow members of their community to educate people about recycling.

The end goal will be to reduce the amount of material going to landfills since landfills are a major source of methane gas which is 20 times more potent a greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide. 17% of carbon dioxide generated in the United States comes from the organic material which could be composted but gets sent to landfills.

The program is focused on increasing recycling by Livermore residents, and not those in the commercial sector. The champion program is a “grass roots” based program primarily because retention of information and subsequent adoption are better when people learn face-to-face from people in their own communities who are practicing what they are communicating.

The Challenge

One of the primary challenges to recycling is it can be confusing deciding what can be recycled and what cannot. When I attended my orientation, we discussed the occurrences when people place materials intended to be recycled or composted in the incorrect bin.  Many of the items I became aware I was not disposing properly and I consider myself knowledgeable. The second primary hurdle will be to encourage people to change habits which, in many cases, have been entrenched for years.


I felt the challenges are very manageable. If we can change enough behaviors individually then collectively we can begin to ensure our communities are ready to support the next generation of inhabitants.

Me and my Fellow Livermore Recycle Champions

Me and my Fellow Livermore Recycle Champions


2 Responses to “I am now A Livermore Recycling Champion”
  1. Rod Kirk says:

    What was recycling detail which caught you off guard that you were not doing correctly?

    • Tony Green says:

      Thanks for commenting. As it turns out, I am working in a blog posting which will be finished in a few days which detail the 12, yes 12, facts which caught me off guard. The long and short of the story is in many cases one waste item can have multiple destinations, for example, a Starbucks cup should go to the compost bin but the lid should be placed in the trash not the compost bin nor the recycle bin.