Is clean meat posed to be the sustainable breakthrough of our generation?


The connection between meat and animals

Most of the posts written on this blog try to put concepts together for the benefit of its readers. For example, the connection between our consumer behaviors and the resulting impact to the planet our children will inherit, or the connection between climate change and those people who lives are changed by it.

In this post, I would like to attempt to decouple a prevailing concept.  Throughout my adult life, the idea of meat has always been related to animals. This is part of the reason why some people choose not to consume meat products: because of the concerns for the lives of the animals that produce meat.

The idea of clean meat

I read an article in Inc. magazine about a startup that was attempting to scale a laboratory process to produce meat in a laboratory. The question that might come to mind would be: “Why bother?”  Remember, all the meat we consume, including pork, beef, and chicken, is produced in inhumane slaughterhouses.  When also considering global population growth and a planet whose population will be more than 10 billion people by 2050, producing meat in a laboratory could be a viable option.

The possibilities                                                                              

The onset of technology that could change life as we know it does not come around often. Keep your eyes open for this one.  Maybe we can fill our appetite for meat without destroying the biodiversity of our planet to do so. Stay tuned.