Lights Camera Action: What a TV show relating to sustainability might accomplish


A TV show based on sustainability

The idea of producing a local cable access television show based on sustainability presented itself unexpectedly. My initial feeling on the idea of creating a show to discuss sustainability-related topics was that the concept might work if the proposed audience had a high level of interest in all things green. However, most people would agree that there are many cable shows on the air that fill space instead of providing value to their viewers.  Therefore, I decided to carefully consider the benefits of creating a show prior to moving forward.

Possible benefits for the viewer

I identified four items as possible takeaways for the viewers of a TV show highlighting sustainability. The first benefit is communication.  A key function of communication is finding common solutions for universal problems. Communication’s relationship to sustainability refers to an understanding of the concept and the exchange of the knowledge needed to champion sustainability. The second advantage is information.  Updates about the latest trends in sustainability will allow people to live accordingly. The internet has made knowledge available to everyone, but the problem is the details might not be totally correct. Up-to-date knowledge is a key component of embracing sustainability. The third advantage is motivation. People interested in adopting sustainability as a life choice need to see how it connects with a transcendent purpose and why it matters.  The desire to make a difference, the yearning to live a healthy life and the interest in protecting the environment are some of the reasons people seek to embrace sustainability. The last benefit would be resources. Pertinent information is needed to allow people to adopt sustainable practices wherever they are. Furthermore, the knowledge needs to be easily accessible and in a format understood by everyone.

Would you view my show?

Assuming I move forward and produce a television show, would this be something you would watch?