Alternative Energy


Fossil fuels have been use for transportation and for the production of electricity since the 1800’s. In recent times various alternatives namely wind, solar, biofuel, hydro among others have been proposed as more sustainable alternatives to these tradition fuel sources. However, there is a lot for misunderstanding and fear regarding these. Nuclear power, although it is not renewable as a result of the processes required to produce fissionable uranium is always had a stigma attached with which had prevent form making the impact it could

Experience has shown me in order to understand how alternative energy can impact our future is challenging without how understanding of conventional energy works.

My first fascination with alternative energy came during a trip to China where I learned how a Wind Turbine blade was manufactured.  The technology which included forming the blade with composite materials allowed energy to be produced using an inexhaustible natural resources with any emissions.  Once the knowledge is gained on how conventional energies are generated clearly, as a nation, other sources need to be implemented.