Delicate Nature

The surroundings on our planets environment are in a delicate balance between the sea, land and air. In nature processes known as evaporation, transpiration, absorption and especially unnatural events such as oil spills, all have an effect on the environment. Any drastic change will have an impact on the equilibrium. Mankind does not have a good understanding of the sensitivity of these factors which should be a concern to us all.

Oil contaminating the soil on the ground, Speaking Green Communications, Tony Green, Environment, Alternative Energy, Conservation

Oil contaminating the soil on the ground

Exposure to Soil Remediation

My initial exposure to an environmental project was as an opportunity to work on a soil remediation project. The land used to a manufacturing facility. Over time chemical for the storage tanks which were on site seeped into the ground. The manufacturing facility was closed and now owners wanted sell the land so that a housing development on the land and returned to the community.  The company I worked with at time times use equipment to apply hot air to the soil and volatize its contaminants and remove them from the system using a carbon absorber. As a degreed Chemical engineer I was pressed to find a more worthwhile application for my schooling.

We all might not have had anything to with the damage caused to the air, soil and water   but we certainly all have an obligation to do what we can to minimize the damage. The planet of children and grandchildren depends on it.