Water Conservation


Water Conservation and the Drought

The recent drought has prompted Governor Brown to enact mandatory water restrictions for the first time in the history of the state of California. With no end to the drought in sight and the level of the state’s reservoirs being at their lowest levels in decades everyone will need to take steps to conserve this precious resource.

Water conservation is the key to ensure we are able to meet our water requirements in the future.

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waste water treatment plant

Embracing the Grey

Grey Water systems have recently been proposed as a method where home owners can help conserve water by using reclaimed water produced by laundry, sinks and bathtubs in non-potable applications such as irrigation or flushing toilets.

The time has come to embrace the fact as a result of severe droughts and climate change if we do not conserve what is the most precious resource there not be enough to support the requirements of future generations.