Implementation of Sustainability

Sustainability as a path to peace?


The interrelation between sustainability and peace relations between countries may seem to be murky upon initial glance but when evaluated further the connection becomes much clearer.

Sustainability as a Path to Peace?

I spoke at the Peace Center in Walnut Creek last November about how sustainability could lead to harmony on earth. Why? Healthy Water is required for life and if a nation’s water supply is threatened by a neighbor then their very survival might be in jeopardy which may require desperate methods i.e. violence to resolve.

The keys to working through our water conflicts

In spite of the numerous clashes over water few resulted in the breakout of hostilities with the exception of Israel and its enemies in the Middle East. The reasoning is nations have learned it is better to cooperate than to fight over their water problems.

The other key will be using our ingenuity to work to come up with solutions to how so enough there is enough water for a planet which currently has a population of 7.3 billion and will be over 9 billion by 2030.

Sustainability Defined- Providing Safe Water

Sustainability is defined as maintaining our planet resources for the use of all its inhabitants. The three pillars of sustainability are people, economy and environment. Ensuring the availability of healthy water to all the planets residents in an atmosphere of cooperation will make huge strides to ensure water does not become the cause any additional conflicts between countries. A nation whose people are own basic rights to water, a right to make a decent living and maintain a good relationship with its environment and neighbors will be less likely to go to war. Seems rather clear to me.