Now is the time to feel positive about alternative energy and sustainability


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by the Oasis Innovation Center based in Livermore. I was at a Livermore Chamber of Commerce meeting and I mentioned my interest in Alternative Energy and one the people in attendance suggested I check out Oasis Innovation.

Oasis Innovation

For those of you who are not aware, the Oasis Innovation supports clean food and energy production through research and development, collaboration and hospitality.

The networking event, labeled Flight to Freedom was hosted at Chuck Campos’ house in unincorporated Livermore. The event connected companies looking for funding with Angel investors and institutional investors looking for aspiring technologies to invest in.

Companies in attendance

After networking each company had the opportunity to pitch their ideas. For those who have a passion for sustainable technologies it was difficult not to come away impressed. Among the technologies included Permulation which proposed a solution for harvesting water out of the fog to supplement drinking water in places without access to reliable potable water. Green Fire Energy proposed to use Carbon Dioxide (CO2) instead of water as the process fluid for geothermal operations which reduces the water footprint required to generate energy. Maxout Renewables sought to maximize the impact solar panel technology by optimizing the efficiency of the power generated by solar panels. Safe-H2O is a rapid water pathogen test company which assists public and industrial water providers in their efforts to reduce illness and provide 24/7 availability of potable water. Hollywood Electric manufactured high performance electric motorcycles which would give any Harley Davidson bike a run for its money using electricity instead of gasoline. Finally, there were Tesla Roadsters on site which could be road tested upon request.

The positive vibe – We should all feel positive

The positive vibe among the attendees was palpable. If everyone can care enough to spend time energy and talents pushing our sustainability goals forward I wonder what we all can do collectively collaborate to solve the world’s food, water and energy problems. Those of you who believe, as I do, we can make a difference now is the time to feel positive about the future. Now we only need to make it happen.


One Response to “Now is the time to feel positive about alternative energy and sustainability”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love your positive attitude. There really are many good things happening. Thanks for shining the light. I look forward to your next presentation.