Installing alternative energy technologies will require weekends on occasions


Unlike most working professionals the battle to increase the adoption of renewable energy technologies does not take weekends off. On this particular, Saturday morning about 25 people, including myself, sat in the sanctuary at a church in Fremont California waiting to learn about how we might be able to learn enough about installing solar panels as part of SunWorks volunteer program.

About SunWorks

SunWorks is a non-profit organization who works with those who would like to install solar panels but do not meet the requirements to have panels installed via the conventional route. Solar companies target prospects with higher monthly electric bills (in excess of $150.00) so the payback period given the investment to install the panels is short enough to justify the investment.

The Saturday Morning Objective

The objective of this morning was to give the tools to be able to volunteer on a Saturday or Sunday to aid the project manager with the panel installation.

The morning started off with brief introduction of your name, where you came from, and what your background was.

The attendees lived in various sections of the Bay Area and included a large group of either retired engineers or young engineers in their first job after getting out of college.

Sit, Listen, and Learn

Now we had been introduced each other our instructor walked through the basics of principles of electricity and how panels are installed from a mechanical and an electrical basis. The morning of instruction finished once he discussed the safety hazards of solar installations.