The implementation of sustainability – Embrace the change


The process of minimizing the impact of our non-sustainable practices and implementing the green technologies and processes required to implement the sustainable society we desire will not be without its challenges.

Sustainability as defined as

The definition of sustainability can be defined, on a simple level, as sustaining or maintaining something in our possession, for example, our natural resources. On a deeper level sustainability can be expressed as the intersection of people/society, economics and the environment. In most cases, the later takes a back seat to the almighty dollar driven by the citizens with the most influence. Expressed in another way sustainability is maintaining the natural resources we consume to ensure their availability for perpetuity.  Regardless of how sustainability is defined many of the processes and systems we employ as a society, and have become accustomed should be redesigned to reduce the environmental impact of the processes used to support our civilization.

Reaching our Sustainable Goals

Reaching our sustainability goals will require altering our practices which implies altering the outdated processes we now recognize are unhealthy.  The change may be uncomfortable or even yet scary but still necessary.  Not unlike a long distance runner pushing forward to higher level of stamina; as a society, together we need to push through the wall of resistance which hinders meeting our sustainability goals.

Staying on the sustainable path

Case in point, the practice of using our water resources in the most efficient fashion processes and systems will need to put in place and utilized to reduce our water consumption. On occasions, unfortunately, the immediate demands/requirements of the moment nudges operators to return the wasteful practices without keeping the big picture in mind.

A little inconvenience on occasion is not a bad thing to enable a future where the next generation will have access to the same resources we enjoyed.  Sustainability is worth the trouble therefore isn’t this enough reason to modify our practices? Comparable to a ship in the storm on a dark stormy night we need to stay the course to realize the dawn of a sustainable-based future.

I employ every reader of this blog posting to embrace the change needed to sustainable society a reality. The planet will be better as a result.