Green Careers

The Road to Success may not take you along the expected path


The Employees of Tomorrow

I had the opportunity to speak with a group of students who were enrolled at Castro Valley High School in Castro Valley, California. One of the students asked how to transition from high school student to a job in the career sector. I mentioned four points which I thought might be worthwhile for the students to remember.

Super Powers

Success in any career will require alignment with your “Super Powers” or your strengths. The Gallup organization defines a strength as “consistent excellent performance in an activity, which takes little effort, and energizes the individual.” The ability to provide “consistent excellence performance” is made up of three components: our unique personality, our knowledge, and our skills.


The odds of succeeding in your chosen profession are greater if you choose a career path which you are passionate about.  I am passionate about share my message to whoever will listen.  My passion is speaking to people about how they can be more sustainable in their daily lives. I try to get the attendees of my talks to look at an issue from a different perspective then they had before they heard my message and more importantly act.

The Gig Economy

The Gig Economy is the broad range and variety of alternative work in between the traditional corporate job and career ladder on one end, and unemployment. The Gig Economy includes consulting and contractor arrangements, part-time jobs, temp assignments, freelancing, self-employment, side gigs, and on-demand work.

The careers path of the future will require flexibility. The days are gone when you can expect to graduate from college and work at the same company for 30 years before retiring. The career of the future will include more jobs with more shorter durations between positions.

Time for Serendipity

In many cases teachers and parents encourage students to decide their career path as early as possible. I recommend giving yourself time to be exposed to different ideas before deciding your career path. Be open to the serendipity of life.  The decision does not have to made overnight.

Many graduating engineers either opt to begin their professional careers or to begin their graduate studies. I opted to join the service where I had the opportunity to travel the world and serve my country. I am a better person because of my experience which would have never occurred if I not been open to exploring a non-traditional career path.

The Road to Success

The best way to think of your upcoming career is not about the destination but about the journey. Life has a way of altering the best designed plans. Regardless of what life throws if you keep the four things; using your Super Powers, choose a career in something you feel passionate about, remember there is time to “figure” it out, and plan for the gig economy of the future and you will be well on the road to wherever your journey leads you.