Green Festival

Thoughts on our Green Future while at the Green Festival after the presidential election


And the winner is

I attended the Green Festival Expo at Pier 35 on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco five days after the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Many of the attendees, including myself, failed to consider the possibility of a Trump victory.  I was curious about what the overall mood would be since many of speeches made by Mr. Trump during his campaign contradicted sustainability-related objectives including the Clean Power Plan, the XL Pipeline and the global agreement on climate change.

As I walked the floor of the Green Festival

I spoke with people manning the exhibits promoting various green products and initiatives. A clear theme emerged of sustainable foods and drinks among the exhibits I visited.  I attended to support Bay Area Green Tours who were promoting a tour to Cuba next year. One of the themes which resonated as the immediate shock of the election had passed was a resolve to continue the progress on fighting climate change. While the Obama administration’s policies have moved things forward the consensus mood believed Mr. Trump may be not being able to slow the momentum even if his administration attempts to enact policies to reverse the legislation passed during the last eight years. Most importantly, the passion of those, within the United States and across the world who believe their collective efforts can make a difference will not change.

I left with the realization….

Donald Trump is our newly elected president. The country and the planet still belong to its inhabitants who will be responsible for ensuring its resources will be available for future generations. The future welfare of our planet is worth fighting for. Let the battle begin.