Which waste bin will you choose to toss your paper plate?


Meatballs at the Clean Tech Open

I attended the Clean Tech Open in San Francisco last week. I had a break in my schedule and decided to grab some meatballs before my next commitment. Once I finished I went to place my plate in the trash and observed I had selections for which bin to discard my trash. I could have thrown my plate into the first waste bin I encountered since I was in a hurry. At risk of getting caught tossing recyclable/compostable items into the trash which will wind up in the landfill (a bad look for sustainability speaker) I decided to inspect the bins images to find the proper location.

Waste bin choices

The bin selections were 1) The recycle bin intended for plastic and glass and aluminum cans 2) the compost bin which was for paper including paper cups and food scraps for instance a banana peel 3) the trash which does not belong in the previous two bins which will wind up in the landfill.

After verifying with the picture, they are included for a reason I placed my plate in the compost bin. It took thirty seconds to stop and think about what I was doing.

How to remember my disposal choices

The choice of disposing of your waste involves asking yourself, “what is regenerated? What can be recycled?” and finally “What is left?”