Being Green

Why going green is so expensive?


Does going green mean going broke?

Many people believe going green is very expensive. I will admit that some of the more popular ways to go green, including purchasing an electric vehicle or installing solar panels, can be pricey. However, many of the methods are less expensive than you might think, and can help with your personal finances in the long run.

Why going green is perceived as being expensive

The first reason going green has the stigma of being expensive is perceptions. People believe that green products are less effective and more expensive. Which would clean better, a regular toilet cleaner or an environmentally-friendly toilet cleaner? For most people, that would be a pretty simple question: the regular version.

The second reason is because of economies of scale. This refers to the principle that you can do things more cheaply when producing large quantities. There are cost-saving things and specialized labor/machines that reduce production costs. Efficiency improves over time with large numbers. Since green isn’t yet mainstream, many of those cost-cutting advantages haven’t been adopted by green manufacturers.

The last reason is hidden costs in products that are typically passed along to the consumer. These things happen, but it’s “free” to let them happen, and costs money to keep them from happening. Companies who manufacture truly green products likely have a social conscience and will capture some of these hidden costs by using non-polluting energy or implementing a systemwide reuse/recycle campaign. These processes incur costs that are passed on as part of the product’s cost.

But don’t let that stop you

The decision to make greener lifestyle choices is a very personal one. The more research you conduct, the more likely you will be to make a better decision.  If going green is not the best choice for you right now, my only request is to keep in mind the people who initially thought going green was too expensive. They came to understand that going green can help with finances, and so can you.