Why instead of recycling my wrapping paper I should compost it


Now that the gifts are opened…

On the day after Christmas, I normally place all the wrapping paper that was used to wrap gifts in the proper piles to dispose of it properly. While there is the urge to recycle as much material as possible, on some occasions the landfill is the best disposal method.

Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is typically made from recycled paper. The shortfall is that recycling wrapping paper to new paper would result in low-quality paper, since the fibers are shorter than those in papers produced from virgin fibers. The resulting paper would not be suitable for other applications. If the wrapping paper has glitter, velvet, or any metal, then it cannot be recycled.  Therefore, most wrapping paper should be placed in the compost bin if it has been made from recycled paper.

The best disposal method is…

In short, if the wrapping paper was produced from virgin feedstock, then the paper can be recycled. If the wrapping paper is made from recycled paper, then it can be placed in the compost bin. This assumes manufacturers are on the “up and up” as to the true content of their wrapping paper. I have never heard of a case where a manufacturer has claimed a product was made via a certain process for marketing purposes and reality proved otherwise.