Climate Change

Why we should all sign the Sierra Club petition to not repeal the Clean Power Plan


The Repeal of the Clean Power Plan

The Trump Administration plans to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CPP). The plan limits carbon pollution from our biggest source: coal-fired power plants. Carbon pollution from coal power plants poses health risks to our families and increases the impacts of climate change.

The plan was designed to impose the first-ever national standards to address carbon pollution from power plants by reducing significant amounts of power plant carbon pollution and the pollutants that cause harmful soot and smog.

Simultaneously, the plan advances clean energy innovation and lays the foundation for the long-term strategy needed to tackle the threat of climate change. By providing states and utilities ample flexibility and the time needed to achieve these pollution cuts, the proposal offers the power sector the ability to optimize pollution reductions while maintaining a reliable and affordable supply of electricity.

The CPP was created in response to climate change, which is the greatest environmental and public health challenge we face. Climate impacts affect all Americans’ lives – from stronger storms to longer droughts and allergy seasons, increased insurance premiums, and higher food prices.

Repealing the Plan – The Impact

The impact of repealing the plan could be drastic. The EPA has estimated that the Clean Power Plan would prevent 90,000 asthma attacks, 300,000 missed work and school days, and 3,600 premature deaths annually by 2030. These health impacts of climate change disproportionately affect communities of color and low-income families.

The Clear Course

The clear course of action is to try to prevent the repeal of the Clean Power Plan. You must sign the Sierra Club’s petition as soon as you get the opportunity.