Why you should not place your broken Sunglasses in the trash


A broken pair of sunglasses

I broke a pair of sunglasses I had kept in my car. I considered throwing the pair away when I realized, like most things which wind up in a landfill, could be effectively be reused, repurpose or recycled.

Eyewear crafted from renewables is probably not the first thing on your mind when choosing a new pair of sunglasses. A movement is underway to challenge our collective way of thinking, with the application of processes and materials that don’t cost the Earth.

Sustainable components containing a higher percentage of natural materials, in addition, to more recycled constituents are being used by more eco-minded eyewear producers.

My glasses can be recycled –  now what

The contents of my sunglasses comprised the glass from the lenses and metal from the frame. Both raw materials are recyclable. Metal and glass can be melted down and reused in new products.  One possibility included separating the components of my glasses into their separate parts and sought out where to make sure each portion was recycled properly but I realized there was a better way. Why not reach out to other knowledgeable parties for help? I learned after speaking to a Lions Club they offer places where glasses can be recycled responsibly. As it turned out, the location nearest to me was down the block from my house.

Solutions may be closer than you think

In some cases, the solutions can be right near your home. In many cases they are not. The key to continue to seek solutions in whenever location where they be found.